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As a photographer and a traveler, I’m always searching for the adventure that lies ahead. Immersion in a foreign country, with its specific language, sounds, smells and culture, allows me to instinctively photograph my perceptions, filtered through my own experiences, needs and desires. It is my hope that when the adventures and perceptions are put together,they will influence how I feel about the world.
The images presented in this book are a bit elusive. They were made to remember a moment in time and to connect with my feelings at that particular moment. My intent is to present a personal visual narrative or diary, made for no reason except the most personal, free from any artifice related to purpose.
Born a traveler, always a traveler; the road never ends. The desire to know and experience what is just over the horizon or around the next bend comes from an internal magnet that never stops exerting its pull toward my search. I dream about this and give myself up without reservations or doubt to the adventures and mysteries that are waiting to be revealed.